If you fallow celebrity news you probably know about the new Farrah Abraham tape. The teen mom star filmed a very hot sex tape with a porn star and sold it to Vivid Entertainment for 1 million dollars. The tape was a success from the first day and sold better than Kim Kardashian tape during the first 24 hours. The good news for you, if you want to watch it, is that for the same price you get access to all 18 celebrity tapes Vivid sell including Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and many others.


IXL.com it’s a site a friend recommended me about two months ago. I have 2 kids, 9 and 7 years old, and they are both members of IXL and they love it. The site offers math practice from pre kinder to 7 grade but it’s it’s not only boring math exercising. The kids love it because it’s interactive and they give them all kind of virtual gifts for practicing for one hour or mastering one skill for example. It’s hard to keep small kids motivated to do the homework but IXL does a great job to make this funny. It’s $10 per month for the first kid and $2 for the next one and I think it’s worth the money very well.

During my search of workouts program I found other interesting review I want to mention. It’s the Max Workouts reviews offered by maxworkoutsexposed.com This is a large and complete review of all that Max Workouts offers. I only brought the ebook and I am a club member but if you want to read about everything Max Workouts has to offer read this review. They offer different programs for women and men and have various packages available. I will not describe all here as this site does it very well. So, if you are interested check it out.

I have started to do some workouts about 3 months ago but was hard because I didn’t have any program to follow and I have to admit that doing workouts it’s boring. I started to search for workout program and found that Max Workouts is interesting and have good reviews.

MaxWorkoutsReviewed.net is the site that convinced me to sign up for this workout program. The review of the Max Workouts program is good and honest and the site also offers some good advice for beginners. Check out the video testimonials if you are not convinced.

This site, kimkardashianrumors.net, is similar to kimkardashian24h.com but it’s more about the tape itself. I wanted to add it because it gives you tips on how to get the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape for only $1. This is the official tape from Vivid Entertainment not a pirate copy and you can watch it in full for just one buck. Not only that but you also get access to more than 10 other celebrity sex tapes for 3 days. It’s the best deal ever if you want to watch Kim’s tape. I paid 30 times more, so it’s a good deal.

I have to admit I got interested in Kim Kardashian lastly. She is intriguing and so hot. I think no man can ignore her or say he is not one of the most beautiful women. She got everything and she does her best to stay in the news all the time. kimkardashian24h.com is a useful site if you like Kim. If not only offers news about the Kim Kardashian sex tape but about Kim in general. What I like about this site is that they only put the important things not like most other sites where you have to read useless news or the same news over and over again.

The site also keep you informed about all the promotions and deals on Kim’s tape. Check it out.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, this is just another scam, another phony
testimonial trying to separate me from my money. I know what you’re thinking,
because I thought exactly the same thing. If you’re like me, you probably have sent
money to other companies who promised that they would show you how to make money on
Google. If they sent you anything at all for your money, it was worthless.

I’ve been there and done that. I sent for programs that cost between $4.99 to
$37.99 and none of them helped me make a dime. Some of these phonies didn’t even
bother to send anything, and when I tried to get a hold of them, they had
disappeared. So much for the money back guarantee. But I noticed a couple of
things about this site. One, it only cost a dollar and two, it gave me immediate
access to the videos online.

Well, a buck is less than the cost of a cheap cup of coffee, so I figured what the
heck. I could probably get a laugh watching the rehashed “new” ideas for generating
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I owe Google Cash Detective an apology, a big one. The videos actually did offer
new ideas that I hadn’t heard before. It offered techniques that didn’t need a lot
of time or money for me to implement. It even showed new ways to generate traffic
for my website.

This isn’t a magic rocket to the top. You won’t get rich overnight. What you will
get is solid business advice from experts in affiliate marketing. When I first
started up, I didn’t make much, but I did cover my one dollar investment with plenty
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I’ve been working my online business for about three months, and while I’m not
financially independent yet, I have a nice side income that grows every week. I
hope that within the foreseeable future i’ll be able to give up my “real” job and
work online full time. My wife’s not as crazy about that idea as I am. I may have
to take up golf to get out of her way.

The program is offered in a series of videos and you need to watch all of them.
They talk about how to chose the right products and link to an affiliate site so you
don’t need your own website, how to use keywords to optimize you search engine
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If you’re looking to work from home, or if you just want to generate a little extra
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real deal. Of course I could be lying, but it will only cost you a buck to find

I thought it was a scam when I first saw it. God knows, there are enough scams out
there promising to make you money on Google. Some just take your money and run and
others try to get you to fork over even more money for “advanced” programs. If you
complain that the program doesn’t work, they tell you its your own fault. I had
just about given up the idea of opening a business online.

I came across Google Cash Detective by accident. I sure wasn’t looking to spend any
more money on phony get rich quick schemes. Money back guarantees don’t impress me
any more, I never got any of my money back from the other so called programs. I
noticed though that this site only charged a dollar and I wouldn’t have to wait for
a package that would never arrive, I could watch a video online.

Well, the say that hope springs eternal, and anyway it was just a buck, really
nothing much to lose there. So I forked over my dollar and settled back to watch
the show. If nothing else, it would keep me entertained for awhile and it couldn’t
be much worse than some movies i’ve sat through.

Sorry, Google Cash Detective, I was wrong. The truth is the videos were informative
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invest more time or money than I had and I could start right away without even
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This isn’t some magic act where “poof” you’re suddenly rolling in money. You have
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I haven’t been doing this even a month yet, but every day I make a little more.
It’s not enough to retire on, but I have high hopes that the day is not as far off
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All you have to do is watch the videos. No waiting for packages to be delivered, no
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This is worth a buck just for the ideas. Even if affiliate marketing isn’t you
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